SCM Process Optimization

Looking for a way to get better forecasting and planning results, to increase the quality of fulfillment, get more pro-active in customer communication, to embed new added value services or an end 2 end efficiency gain in your organization? Whatever goal you've got or whatever gain you're looking for, we help you to achieve the requested results. Our own process reference and maturity model for supply chain management allow us to assess your organization and identify the sweet spots for improvement in a very effective and efficient way. Your expertise together with our experience in process design and the supply chain industry allow us to create new and innovative ways of thinking and working that could drastically impact your competitiveness and performance.

SCM Systems & Automation

A huge technology market with an enormous variety in information systems and automation solutions for the supply chain industry can be very challenging for identifying the proper solution to fit the context and needs of your organization.  We make it our mission to keep track of this fast changing market in order to be your single point of contact or guide through the overwhelming options and opportunities available to advance the capabilities of your organization. From custom build, over case specific solutions like WMS, TMS, DRP, MRP, OMS, CRM to fully integrated ERP systems we help you decide, acquire and implement the right solution. Maybe you are even thinking of introducing or exploring new advanced technologies in your operations, like Cobots, Drones, RFID applications, Augmented Reality or AGV solutions. Even then we can be your partner in finding the right solution and supplier to make this transition or challenging change a big return. We offer years of experience in solution design & project management, including an impressive track of successful realizations. 

What we Offer

Efficient and Effective Goal Realisation

SIC Supply Chain Improvement sprouted from SIC (Strategic Information Consulting) where we offer an end-to-end approach to guide you through your most important changes, independent of the industry. We assure quality processes and tangible, sustainable results every step of the way. We come from a long history of guiding companies through complex and challenging changes. Change became a part of our DNA.

Reliable Supply Chain Expertise
Reliable Supply Chain Experience

Years of experience with clients active in different areas of the supply chain industry, from manufacturing to consumer delivery and distribution, allowed us to create our own reference models with unique insight in the complexity of the supply chain. We just love to see things moving. Our passion is all about sharing our knowledge and help companies in this industry become more competitive and prepare for the future.


Allow you to focus on the core business
Allow you to focus on the Core Business

Change and especially system implementations or automation can be very demanding on the operational continuation of your organisation. We implemented our own reference model that services as a decision tool to support management and takes the burden away of  scanning the market and evaluate all the options. We can turn your ideas and vision into feasible, well founded transformation plans in no time. All based on our knowledge of the supply chain market and our experience with guiding complex and large transitions within this industry. 

Single Point of Contact for innovation
Single Point of Contact for Innovation

Next to our hands on experience with all kinds of supply chain solutions (ERP, WMS, TMS, OMS, DRP, MRP I & II, etc ...) ,  We actively monitor the market for new innovative solutions and are proud to tell that we are an active VIL (Flanders innovation cluster for logistics) member. Emerging technologies (Drones, Cobots, AR/VR, new RFID capabilities, ...) and the opportunity they offer within logistics are no stranger to us. We can guide you through all capabilities and offerings on the market and support any acquisition, negotiation and implementation initiative that could prepare your organisation for the future.